The Max needs you!

BC was in attendance at the Brockley Max team meeting yesterday. We'll report on planned events in the near future, but much of the conversation last night revolved around rallying support.

The enthusiastic team of volunteers, headed by Moira Tait, need your help to make the festival a success. By this we mean not only coming to events, but helping to get the word out to people, and sparing your time to make it all happen.

The team need more volunteers in the form of:

  • Flyer distributors - if only just to do your street

  • Raffle ticket sellers

  • First aiders and litter pickers, for the larger events

  • Potential event sponsors - local businesses and organisations

  • Generally anyone who thinks they can lend a hand!

One really easy starting point is to join the Facebook group and invite your friends to it.

If you fancy putting on an event, and have yet to email the team, you've only got a few days left - email details to

For other enquiries, email Moira,, or check the website. The next meeting is on Wednesday 6th May, 8pm at Jam Circus.