Brockley Station new development application due shortly

Larry: Nice house.
Susie: Yeah, come on. I'll give you a tour.
Larry: Naw, it's ok.
Susie: No, come on.
Larry: No, it's ok. I-I get it.
Susie: You get it?
Larry: Yeah, it's a house. It's new. I get it. It's nice.
Susie: You get it? Ok, you know what? Get the fuck out of my house, Larry.
- Curb Your Enthusiasm

The mystery of what is being built on the site of the former Speedicars office on Coulgate Street by Brockley Station is now partly solved.

Lewisham Council have kindly tweeted us to explain that the site is subject to a new planning application, which has been received. It will be going out to public consultation shortly, whereupon we will all have a chance to look at the plans.