The revolution begins... in Brockley

One of the reasons we started this blog was to raise Brockley's profile among Londoners. But two years of churning out article after article has been eclipsed in a couple of weeks by the efforts of Brockley's own "Governmment of the Dead" - who have hogged the headlines from headquarters on Wickham Road, as we wrote last week.

Well now they have excelled themselves. Stealing a march on their brothers and sisters assembled in central London, Brockley's revolutionaries have barricaded Wickham Road, declaring it "The Brockley Anarchist Collective."

Several people have been in touch to explain what's going on. Apparently, the campaigners have taken barriers and building materials from nearby building sites including the Brockley Common redevelopment and the Geoffrey Road resurfacing. They have only been able to secure a small section of the street, nearest Lewisham Way but around 30 houses are now part of their brave new world. Police are at the scene and one BC reader described it as a "friendly standoff" at the moment. Residents are being allowed to come and go but only if they agree to "feed" the "four horses of the apocalypse" with money, which they have declared "valueless."

Meanwhile BBC and ITV local news are both planning to send crews to cover the story and have contacted BC to ask whether any local residents are willing to be interviewed for the piece. Please email us if you want to be put in touch.

We'll update you throughout the day as we get more details.