Hendrix: Can you see me? No.

Foxy Lady Moira (of the MAX) is suffering from Manic Depression today, having learned that the Jimi Hendrix mural commissioned for a previous festival, has been blotted out with black paint.

If it's vandalism, it's unusually methodical and thorough, as the whole of the inset of the wall has been painted. The rest of the mural remains untouched, but the effect of the triptych is spoiled.

Here's a photo of the mural partly obscured by some Cross Town Traffic, which has parked up on the pavement, naturally.


Anonymous said...

Clapton fans no doubt.

tyrwhitt michael said...

I now see that it certainly was Bob Marley's Face that was blurred by Goggle.

V. Strange to paint out one and not touch the other two panels.

The workmanship is certainly suitable for stencil covering.


Happy Easter to all

BenS said...

Baffling. I like those murals - and the streetscape thingies. Helps lift that street out of the ordinary.

BrockleyBiker said...

That's really crap

Anonymous said...

Shame it's gone but there is now a good opportunity for a new mural. Evert cloud has a silver lining. Louis did the Hendrix but his artistic skills are still there for all to see with the 3 colourful and somewhat psychedelic murals on the other side.
Brockley Jim

Anonymous said...

Saw someone with a roller and black paint a while back coming from the station, thought it was someone from the garage...time for a Banksy?

psyche9 said...

Perhaps the council did it - as in, what a different council did to another mural in the area.
Doesn't seem likely ? Read:

Anonymous said...

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