Crime Prevention Day in Brockley

Recessions lead to an increase in the incidence of burglaries. Nationally, there has already been an increase and it is expected to get worse.

The anecdotal evidence we have about the situation in Brockley suggests that there is no reason to believe that Brockley is an exception to this national pattern. A few days ago, a local Tweeter reported their building had been broken in to. Last week we received an email from someone who listed a number of burglaries that had taken place near their house. We're aware that a burglary spree took place on our street recently before the perp was caught.

We've read enough Ben Goldacre columns not to try and infer too much from such unscientific data, but it is clear that taking sensible steps to protect your home from burglary is a smart move.

We are planning to speak to the local Safer Neighbourhoods teams to ask them for their insights and advice about the local picture, but in the mean time, we need to tell you about this:

Free crime prevention advice available today, between 2pm and 5pm from the Safer Lewisham Partnership bus that will be parked on Wickham Road.

You can contact the Brockley Safer Neighbourhoods Team (or get the details for the relevant Team for your house) by clicking here.