New Brockley MAX website now live

And it's pretty smart. It's a little light on content right now, but it has a clear layout with all the key information easily accessible and a host of photographs which give casual readers a flavour of what the MAX is all about. They're also working on an interactive map of the venues.

They are also embracing Twitter. You can follow them here and why not follow Brockley Central too, while you're about it?

The next Brockley MAX planning meeting is 16 April 8pm at the Jam Circus. Contact if you want to organise an event as part of the MAX.


Headhunter said...

Excellent. Good to know that the Max is back in Moira's hands! To be pedantic however - spelling mistake on the front page.... "bare in mind"....!

Moira said...

The meeting is on the 16th - in my rush to get an email out to everyone before I moved I did a typo. Please let people know as I don't think I will be online again at home until 15th April.

Thanks Headhunter. I've not had a chance to look at the site yet.

There are only a few weeks left until the deadline for events to go in the programme, so please let us know what you're planning to do.

I'm still looking for someone to organise the raffle prizes. It involves asking businesses to offer a meal/haircut/anything really. Are there any artists/musicians who would like to donate a Cd/piece of work?
Still now news on the funding yet.

Anonymous said...

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eda said...


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