Greenwich Foot Tunnel to get makeover

There is nary an indie band that hasn't had a moody group shot taken inside the Greenwich Foot Tunnel at some point in their career. Those who grew up in Greenwich in the early 90s will have done well not to see posters for aspiring local rock-Gods Syntax, striking a pose against the steam punk backdrop. We Googled in vain for that shot.

But now, reports that the tunnel is to receive an £11.5m face lift.

The story contains no details about why the work is being done, what the changes may be or what disruption it may cause (we have written many times about the lack of river crossings on this side of town) but if it is for purely cosmetic reasons, then this would be a mistake. This article that appears elsewhere on the site is encouraging in this respect.

It may look like it's about to spring a leak at any moment it may feel horribly claustrophobic at some points, but it is iconic, characterful and should be cherished. If work needs to be done, let it be restorative and honour the current look and feel of the tunnel.

If a benefit gig needs to be arranged, we are confident that Syntax will be available at short notice.