Ladywell Fields redevelopment consultation

The News Shopper reports that:

Ladywell Fields andthe Waterlink Parklands project have received a [£1.94m] grant from the London Development Agency... to transform the central and southern parts of Catford’s Ladywell Fields, as well as providing signs and publicity for the Waterlink Way, which runs through the borough.

Developments will include improving access to the river, building a series of timber viewing platforms along the riverside.

New wetland lakes will also be created including riverside planting, ponds, reed beds and wet grasslands.

The work will continue a project that began with the redevelopment of the northern part of the Fields, to make better use of the river. That project was funded by those meddling Eurocrats who, when they're not trying to straighten our God-given bananas, are busy creating wildlife pools and play areas for young children.

If you want to have your say on the redevelopment, please contact:

With thanks to Barry LS.