Brockley 'has a good personality'

The Telegraph reports a Cambridge University study which suggests that:

Overall, more intelligent people with extrovert, open personalities moved to cities while the more introverted and relaxed settled in villages or small towns.

Jason Rentfrow, who led the study, said that where personality types would once have been distributed randomly across Britain, increased mobility had led to clusters.

He said: "People's level of satisfaction with their lives is strongly affected by where they live. Our findings suggest they are happiest where their personalities most closely resemble that of the other people in that area."

The research supports Richard Florida's assertion that economic activity is increasingly driven by the "creative classes" who cluster in cities.

More importantly, it tells us what we already knew, which is that people in London (and by London, we mean Brockley) are basically great.

Mr Rentfrow said:

"London is becoming psychologically separate from the rest of the nation.

"People in London tend to be, on average, more analytical, assertive, dominant, efficient and creative. People in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are less open-minded, more traditional and less tolerant of differences."