Manor Avenue traffic

Brockley Central reader Greg reported back from the Manor Avenue nursery hearing and explained that the Councillors hearing the case were presented with potentially very out of date photography of the road, which did not reflect how problematic parking is likely to be. This sounds like a serious flaw in the evidence, as we've certainly seen how difficult parking can be on the street.

Our first instinct on hearing this complaint was to turn to everyone's favourite "privacy" invader, Google, whose Streetview cars audited the area last year, providing a comparitively recent snap shot of the situation. We have to admit to being quite surprised that the street did not look more clogged:

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Google's satellite view tells a similar story, albeit the imagery is older.

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Obviously the situation can change dramatically depending on the time of day, day of the week and time of year. We hope that no decision is taken without a proper study of traffic and parking issues during nursery hours, during the working week, outside of the main holiday periods.