Poo under review

We know that the BC community is currently busy analysing Lewisham Councillors' outside interests for evidence of why Brockley doesn't get its "fair share" of Council money, so we apologise for dwelling on the dog-poo stencil issue, but this is the last time we'll write about it for a while.

Earlier in the week, the thrust of opinion seemed to be:

1. There are too many of the dog-poo stencils on our streets
2. The dog-poo prevention strategy ought to focus a little more on punishing offending owners and less on punishing our pavements
3. At the very least, the depiction of an actual steaming turd was an unnecessary debasement of the public realm

Cllr Sue Luxton took up these points with the Council officer responsible and got this response:

When we get the new stencils done we can look at getting the poo designed out. I'll have to contact the Safer Neighbourhood Teams as I wasn't aware that they were spraying any stencils for us. When people have been spraying them on our behalf we have had the graffiti team go out and talk to them about how and where, including sensitivities, the stencils should be placed. I will however, talk to the graffiti team and ask them to be mindful of how many they are putting down in the conservation areas.
With regards to the Dog Control Orders, we haven't as yet implemented them but they will be published soon.

So while cynicism rages on other threads, it's nice to see that the Council is prepared to listen and respond to community concerns and that our Councillors are working to raise these issues on our behalf.