Brockley breaks America

We've helped with the search for cats and snakes in the past, so why not vicar's wives and dancing septuagenarians?

Michael has been in touch in search of extras who do what Oasis and Tesco have so-far failed to do and crack the US market. It sounds as though he's looking for English eccentrics and people who'd fit in in a Ms Marple dramatisation, so he thought his own back yard might be a good place to begin his search. He writes:

I am a Brockley resident, having recently moved to the area. I was wondering if you could help me out by putting this on Brockley Central. I 'm looking for people to feature in a TV commercial.

I work for a television casting company called Sasha Robertson casting. We are currently working on a commercial for US television for 'Frank's Hot Sauce'. The spot will be shown in Canada and the US but will be shot in the UK.

For this commercial we are doing a little 'Street Casting' - this means that the production company want to see people who are not professional actors as they feel it will give the commercial a more genuine feel. As I am in charge of the street casting, I thought that my first port-of-call should be Brockley Central.

We are hoping to cast two roles through the Street Casting. They are:

Woman: A woman who could play a Vicar's wife. She should look 45.

Older Couple: A man and woman who look 70+. They would be required to dance a little.

I should stress that although we are looking for non-professionals, this is a professional production and if chosen, participants would be paid accordingly.

The filming will take place in London, or maybe just outside, I think that they are looking at an old people's home in Guildford. Any transport that is required would be taken care of in the form of a car that would collect each individual from their home and drop them off at the end of the day. Oh and filming will take place in the first week of May.

If anyone is interested, It would be great if they could contact me direct. I will then arrange to come and meet them (wherever they would like) and put them on tape. This should take no more than five minutes. As is often the case with this kind of thing, time is fairly short. I need to have my footage handed in by Wednesday afternoon, so that is the deadline, I'm afraid.

Contact me on: 0783 4362 691