White's moves from Crofton Park to Brockley Rise

Crofton Park hardware shop White's has closed, relocating the business to its larger retail unit in Brockley Rise:

H White and Son Ltd
42-44 Brockley Rise
Forest Hill
SE23 1LJ

Telephone: 020 8690 9040
Facsimile: 020 8690 7010
Email: martin@whitestradepaints.co.uk


Prolier Than Thou said...

No sh*t Sherlock! We discussed this a coupla months back on latest goss. (How's that forum coming along?) ;-)

BTW Whites is/was great. A veritable toyshop for DIY-bodgers like me!

Anonymous said...

I thought more whites had moved than that?

A said...

Anon, what do you mean by that?

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