The Ivy House - Ballroom Boot Fair

The organisers of the Ballroom Boot Fair at The Ivy House pub in Peckham have asked us to plug it for them, which we're happy to do. But please feel free to use this thread to tell us what the pub's like too. Here are the details:

Ballroom Boot Fair at The Ivy House, Peckham SE15 3BE, Sunday 3rd October from 12-4pm

Come sell your art, wares, bric-a-brac, records, vintage clothes & cool junk! Or rummage away the afternoon in the Ivy House pub's wonderful ballroom...

Tables are available, but pitches must be reserved as space is limited.

Please call 07904 192 497 or email for more details.

Join the Facebook group here.


THNick said...

Isn't the Ivy House no longer a "pub" but now only open for "events"?

Also Nick, despite your campaign to appropriate everything from Southwark to Eltham as "Greater Brockley", you missed the "festival" at the Old Nun's Head. We caught some really good comedy there on Saturday night, if the rest of the day/night was as good then it was a cracking event.

Headhunter said...

I've heard the Ivy House is/was a great place but am ashamed to say I've never been. Has it shut down now?

Anonymous said...

I can vouch for this pub, it's one of the best in the area. They've got a great little stage too and
in days gone by Pink Floyd played there.

Brockley Nick said...

@ThNick - thanks, sorry I missed it.

THNick said...

Hmm, it seems I'm out of date. Their plans to turn it into solely an entertainment venue have fallen through so instead they've put in a pizza oven and are doing food, free wi-fi etc.

Listings, including John Hegley playing soon:

fabhat said...

I went to the Ivy House on sat, with Mr Fabhat, to see King Groovy and the Hornstars. It looks like a tiny rivoli ballroom -it was a great experience watching a 18 piece band from a table 2ft away. Free entry, nice drinks and pizza and a good atmosphere. Will definitely be back.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone go to the boot fair? There's another one in November I think and was wondering if it was any good before I schlep ALL the way over the hill ;)?

mg said...

Yep, I did. Bought quite a few bits and the music was good too.

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