Fire in Tanners Hill block

The BBC reports that 14 people had to be rescued after a fire broke out in Pitman House on Tanners Hill.

Crews wearing breathing equipment brought 13 adults and one child out of the building as fire engulfed flats on the seventh and eighth floor.

The blaze at the 15-storey building was brought under control in about four hours and no-one was injured.

As a result of the fire, 60 people spent the night in Goldsmiths College and an investigation will be carried out in to the cause of the fire.


Headhunter said...

Did anyone notice that a few months ago, may be 6, there seemed to have been quite a bad fire in 1 of the flats on the "estate" of new flats next to Deptford Bridge station where all the trendy 20 somethnigs live?

One of the flats was blackened and the windows were out and there were black scorch marks up the side of the building which seemed to have affected the flat above in particular.

Never notcied anything about it in the press or anything though

mintness said...

Noticed the very same at the time, HH. Can't recall it being reported, but then I don't keep a close watch.

Anonymous said...

it was a gas tank that exploded

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