John Galliano on SE4: Tea dances and curry sauce

An interview in the latest issue of Grazia magazine with Gibraltar-born fashion designer John Galliano reveals him to be a ex-Brockley boy. Whilst in London for 'work projects' he, or rather his driver, had some curious comments about the Brockley scene:

"My accent has become completely South London again. When I was a kid we moved to SE4. Yesterday we were in Brockley and my driver said, 'Oh it's not what it used to be... tea dances and stuff going on. Big gay influence.'"

Galliano later goes on to comment:

"I don't come back here as much as I'd like. But when I do bring the French team, they are so engergised by it"... "I took them out to eat in SE4 yesterday and they couldn't understand why everything came with curry sauce."

We wonder, where might John and his team have been in SE4 to think that everything comes with curry sauce?

Thanks to Brockley Sarah for the story. Proof that Grazia is worth the weekly outlay.