Skate park wins the popular vote

Last night, the Skate Park Action Group secured a popular mandate in favour of locating a small children's skate area next to the basketball courts in the Lower Park. Their plans were put to a vote at the Telegraph Hill Assembly and they won a 196 t0 72 victory - just reward for their long campaign, which involved both hard work and compromise, to find the right site.

With funding secure and a site approved, it ought to be a formality that the project will go ahead, but during the lengthy consultation process, some opposition clearly became entrenched, with a few people seemingly determined to derail the project, whatever concessions were made.

It must be hoped now that, having tried and failed to win the argument, this group will now graciously concede defeat and let the children have the sports ground that they have worked so hard for and that the community has approved.

Congratulations to SPAG, we look forward to sharing the park with them.