Deptford X Gon' Give it to Ya

The Deptford X Arts Festival kicks off this Friday with a special launch night, when local galleries will be opening their doors late on Friday evening from 6.30-8.30 pm with the infamous 'Dirty Cop Fridays' at the Old Police Station launching their new cocktail bar providing an after party to keep Deptford X alive into the early hours.

Project Director Matthew Couper says:

2010 marks a new direction for Deptford X. This is the first time we have invited a lead artist to develop a theme for the festival and to develop a statement of intent that would permeate throughout Deptford X.

We wanted to invite someone with a connection to the area and someone who would give a clear statement as to our artistic aims. We also wanted someone with an appreciation of art in the public realm … in short we wanted to work with Mark Titchner and were fortunate that he wanted to work with us too.

For full programme details, visit the website.