Open House weekend

It's Open House weekend this weekend and local venues including Lewisham Art House, de Monchaux Studio in Manor Avenue and Crossways Academy will be opening their doors to people who'd like to poke around.

Casadanza in Crofton Park sounds particularly interesting:

New contemporary house and three flats - its name relates to the nearby Crofton Park's famous Rivoli Ballroom. Tango is most popular, outside of Argentina, in Finland and while the complex relates to its neighbour in white-painted brick and (rakishly) pitched roof (of blue-grey zinc) there is also a nod to Finland's famous son in the Aalto-esque brickwork.

Thanks to Brockley Kate for spotting it.


Anonymous said...

Please can someone take soe photos of this Crofton Park house it sounds interesting.

barryls said...

Been watching this being built for the last few months with curiousity.

Nice to see a bit of originality amidst the pebbledashing.

mg said...

Love Open House. I visited a bunch of places in town yesterday including Freemasons' Hall in Covent Garden where I spotted some more lovely vintage ephemera with a local connection - gorgeous invitations to Greenwich Lodge's regular ladies' nights at a Pyne's Restaurant on Lewisham Way. Sadly was not allowed to take pics but I'd recommend a visit, the building is astonishing.

Tamsin said...

Isn't that what they use for the MI6 headquarters in Spooks?

mg said...

Yep, also appeared in the Hitchhiker's Guide movie, various Poirots etc and a Boyzone video! Apparently.

fabhat said...

St Peter's Church on was open on sat including the tower - views from the top are amazing - but only reached by some serious vertiginous ladder/stairs. Also found out that the clock stopped chiming every hour because it broke - and it will take £10,000 to fix it...Anyone feeling generous?

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