Hilly Fields update

From a new playground and orchard to the London Bubble tour, a new cricket square and a proposed cafe to a new orchard, Hilly Fields has been the focal point for many of the most interesting projects in Brockley over the last year.

The Friends and Users of Hilly Fields are custodians of the park and will meet tomorrow, 7.30pm in the park keepers room at the top of Eastern Road, if anyone would like to attend and get involved.

The minutes from the last meeting note that funding for new bins and notice boards has been frozen and funding for improvements to the paths has not yet been secured. However, the grass in the new playground (which now looks like a moonscape, so well used has it been) will be repaired over the autumn.

They also confirm what we suspected, which is that plans for the cafe are not reliant on any public funding - the building would be constructed and maintained with private money.