Skate Park under threat from the Enemies of Reason

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- Richard Dawkins

If you claim Telegraph Hill for greater Brockley, as Brockley Central does, then you have to take the bad with the good. So it is great regret that we have to report that opponents of the skate park plans for Telegraph Hill have refused to accept the compromise solution that won the support of local people and are considering trying to take legal action against the plans.

The News Shopper reports:

Now a new group has formed to save the lower park and are threatening legal action to stop the build.

Valerie Hedges, of Kitto Road, New Cross, is against the skate park and says noise will be a problem. The 75-year-old added: “This is a very busy road and people coming out of the park are at their peril. We are going to get a lot of teenagers and I can see a bad accident happening.”

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Ms Hedges line of argument implies that children should be prevented from using the park completely, since attempting to cross the road to reach the park could cause accidents. But if the road is so busy (it isn't) then surely the traffic would drown out all the noise she's worried about.

None of the arguments put forward against the plans so far make the slightest bit of sense.