Brockley Cross development plans revealed

Detailed plans for the mixed use development at the corner of Geoffrey Road and Brockley Cross have been revealed.

The architecture is poor - looking regrettably close to the designs churned out by Gary Cole in The Brady Bunch Movie. It features the usual pointless balconies and is not in keeping with the local architecture. We dislike the roof line and the proportions look mean - they have attempted to squeeze in too much, squashing the building right up against the pavement.

On the other hand, we quite like the way it steps up as it moves away from the neighbouring house. The commercial floor space is small, but perhaps all that's required at this location. Timber and aluminium is not a bad mix of materials.

We hope they get sent back to the drawing board in terms of design, tell them to drop the fiddly bits and create something more minimalist with more generous rooms. Above all, it would be nice to see something happen on this site soon after years of procrastination.