Lewisham business asked if they value Town Centre Managers

Lewisham Council is asking local businesses to respond to a survey about the value they attach to the role played by Town Centre Managers. Based on the conversations we've had with local businesses over the years, our guess is the answer is not a lot.

We're mindful of the fact that people's jobs are at stake, so we won't say anything other than that over the years, we've tried and failed to get a sense of a proactive strategy to improve Brockley's town centre from the TCMs in place, which is a shame, because our high-streets could really do with one.

The survey begins:

One of the options that has been put forward is for the Council to reduce the level of support available to businesses, including closing the town centre management and tourism services. (At present, the Business Advisory Service will stay open, as long as the Council can continue to access sufficient funding).

This survey is aimed at businesses and individuals using these services. We want to hear from you about how this proposal might affect you.

Click here to complete the survey - you have until September 24th.

With thanks to Bill for the story.