Hither Green Cinema - Starts Tomorrow

It is, of course, a trifle, but there is nothing so important as trifles.

- Sherlock Holmes, The Man with the Twisted Lip

BC regular Max is organising a Sherlock Holmes double bill screening tomorrow in Hither Green. He says:

It's the first date of the Hither Green Cinema, St Swithun's Hall, St Swithun's Road, SE13. We start with a Sherlock Holmes double bill, first Basil Rathbone in the Hound of the Baskervilles (1939) and then Robert Downey Jr in the 2009 version of Sherlock Holmes by Guy Ritchie. It's £3 a film or £6 for the day.

When last year the people of Hither Green came together to fight off the proposal to demolish the Kids Corner building, which was originally built in 1913 as a cinema, what we realized was not just that the area lacked creative spaces, but in a Catch-22 type of situation also the initiatives that theses spaces help to bring. After some pondering we decided that the content is at least as important as the container so Hither Green Cinema started.

Until now we produced a string of pop-up events in various spaces, this is the first time we come with a program so that people can put them in their diaries.

They're lovely community gatherings with tea and cakes and lots of laughter and since in the meantime the old St Swithun's Hall has been brought back into use we also have now a space where these can take place.

For the future we have an ambition to build on this both expanding the cinema program and branching out into other forms of art and entertainment.