Not going out in Brockley

The Brockley Fox has taken these shots of Lee Mack filming outside Dominic's Pizza on Brockley Road today. He reckons that it's for the new series of Not Going Out, with Tim Vine the man in leathers.

At least one rung up the comedy ladder from JLC Good Times, it prompts the Fox to ask: "Is it just me or is Brockley attracting more media these days?"


Anonymous said...

That was a refreshment break on the set of Come Dog With Me

Anonymous said...

Iz it coz itz in zone 2?

That was the butt of jokes on Radio 2 the other night.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they wanted a shot where there were plenty of parked cars.

Anonymous said...

maybe they need a location with plenty of free parking

THNick said...

Less 10 storeys high, more 3 storeys high but with potential for loft conversion and/or basement conversion subject to conservation area consent?

M said...

My Gran wetting herself is one rung up the laddrer from JLC.

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