Standard: Lewisham faces budget cuts of £60m over three years

The Evening Standard has predicted that London councils will face combined cuts of £2 billion from their central government funding over the next three years, with Lewisham expected to lose £60 million of central funding between now and 2014.

Lewisham is currently consulting over how to cut its budget by £60 million, a figure that has been the target since before the election. The Standard says that across the capital, Councils could shed as many as 30,000 jobs as core services are cut.

The results of the Government's comprehensive spending review are announced on October 20th, at which point we'll know the nature and scale of central government spending cuts.


Ed said...

No cuts! Let's keep borrowing and wasting! If the fireworks (great as they are) have to go for a few years becuase we managed our debts badly so be it; we might learn something!

Anonymous said...

Lewisham's £60 million figure was target was set way before the election.

The Mayor was asked in Nov/Dec last year to write a report advicing how councils could be err...'more efficent' in these hard times.

The £60m cuts are therefore full owned by the previous government.

Listening and reading the drivel some of our local councillors spout about the cuts I can imagine The Mayor calling them 'f**king idiots'.

Oaksys said...

Let's just hope the bank interest rate does not suddenly rise or the increased interest payments on Lewisham Council's £500 Million outstanding debt will make the £60 Million shortfall look rather puny.

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