Ban this sick filth! The Octo-Pump cometh

Richard from the Royal Albert sends us news of an exciting ale and cider festival, starting September 2nd.


chrisgee said...

Bar Billiards, brilliant.

John said...

The Dog & Bell has a CAMRA sponsored cider and perry festival on 23rd and 24th September. They too have a bar billiards tables but then again they always do! I'm sure the Royal Albert festival will be good too. The quality of their beer has increased dramatically of late. Is it under new management or has someone been sent on a course?

Brockley Dogging Society said...

Not to be confused with our similarly titled event starting tuesday nights.

Nick - we really hope you'll come.

The Royal Albert said...

@John, I'm not much of a cider man but I'm planning to get down to the Bell's festival, it's a great pub - endless games on their bar billiards table inspired getting ours. Hopefully room will be found for ours to stay for good.

Glad you've seen the improvement in ale quality, it's a combination of lots of things that have helped (including new management and courses!). Hope you like the beer selection too - the festival list should be out a few days beforehand.

mk said...

What kind of musics will there be? Indie bands?

Anonymous said...

Dont need much room for bar billiards,not like pool.

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