Brockley and Honor Oak in Homes & Property

The Evening Standard's Homes & Property section shines its spotlight on Brockley and Honor Oak today, saying:

Brockley had previously been little known to most Londoners, though loved by its inhabitants who have earned a reputation for shaking things up with action groups, festivals and lively blogs. Recently they saved a library from closures by bringing in a social enterprise to run it and by engaging volunteers to help out — an example of what David Cameron would call the Big Society in action.

It's probably the most accurate write-up the area's had in the UK property pages since the ELL started to ramp up the hype, the place described is pretty familiar.

It gets the relationship with Goldsmiths right, as well as the issues with schools and it paints a rosy, but pretty accurate picture of the area's independent businesses and green spaces, name-checking many of the best.

What do you think?