South East London Updates Wednesday

UPDATE 22:11: In badass minimalist fashion, the Met Police have drawn a line under tonight's proceedings in Eltham:

Missiles thrown at officers in Eltham. Incident dealt with and group dispersed. Police remain on scene.

And the good news is that Beaver Falls can still be caught on E4+1. It's almost as though someone up there's looking out for Brockley.

UPDATE 21:57: Alex Thomson, C4 News says 1,000 police were deployed in Eltham, which probably explains all the sirens heard going through Lewisham. He also says:

Locals furious at what they say are outsider vigilantes coming in to fight anyone - particularly the cops

UPDATE 21:43: Meanwhile, lest we forget, a Brockley man was among the first to go in the dock in relation to the week's riot. He doesn't fit the 'futureless child' stereotype that has been most often described this week. South London Paper says:

Barry Naine, 42, of Foxberry Road, Brockley, who works for a St Mungo's homeless hostel in Lewisham, is alleged to have burgled the Primark store on Rye Lane on Monday.

UPDATE 21:39: BBC Five Live reports:

Scores of police vans, riot police now closing entry to #Eltham High Street - crowd dispersing. Policeman tells 5 live they are not EDL

UPDATE 21:32: Earlier today, Greenwich Council offered the following statement, which rather contradicts the idea that this is just local people defending their area:

Regret Eltham Town Centre pubs closed.Decided so as to deter outside groups from diverting police resources.Robust police presence already.

UPDATE 21:30: The Guardian has a very good short video made last night, with interviews with some of the Eltham protectorate. Meanwhile, we're missing Beaver Falls on E4.

UPDATE 21:25: C4's Alex Thomson claims 200 EDL members are on the streets of Eltham and are being dispersed.

South East London seems determined to wring every last drop of notoriety and sadness out of this week. A large crowd has collected in Eltham (the scene of last night's Millwall vigilante army gathering) and are busy squaring off with police. Sky News is reporting live.