Homes Under the Hammer: Brockley Conservation Area commands 10% premium

It's property porn day today on Brockley Central. Brockley featured on this morning's Homes Under the Hammer (BBC One), when a developer actually decided to keep and enhance a local property's period features, rather than bin them (that pub never did get repaired by the way). The programme first broadcast in 2009 said:

"A place called Brockley and it's just five miles from London Bridge. The property I'm here to see it commands a 10% premium and that's because of where it sits in the Brockley area. Well it's in a conservation area and people are prepared to pay well over the odds to live in the area... Although the market has cooled a little, there's still high demand here. This is Tressillian Road and the properties along here are just gorgeous..."

The Brockley bit starts 12 minutes in.

Later, we're featured in today's Evening Standard property guide.