Mob justice - show your support for Lewisham traders

On Saturday, Lewisham residents are being encouraged to shop local to show our support for businesses hit by events this week.

Lewisham shops and market traders were badly affected, not just by the damage inflicted by looters but also through trade lost from having to close early two days in a row.

Lewisham Cllr Mike Harris says:

Let's hold a CARROTMOB for local market traders who have had a difficult week. We'll meet outside the Clock Tower at the top of Lewisham High Street and then do our week's fruit and veg shopping at our fantastic market. That way traders will recoup the income they've lost from having to shut today at 1pm and from yesterday's looting.

I've called it for 12 noon on Saturday. If people can turn up we could also take a photo to send a clear signal out that we're determined to help those in our community affected by this senseless violence.

I spoke to a trader today who was really upset by what happened. This is a nice way of showing our support.

Of course, it wasn't just market traders who were affected but many businesses across Lewisham, so this week, more than ever, please show your support by shopping local whenever possible. If anyone wants to organise any other local carrotmobs, please feel free to use the comments section below and we'll update the thread with the details.