Bingeing poms

For his teeth seem for laughing round an apple.
There lurk no claws behind his fingers supple;
And God will grow no talons at his heels,
Nor antlers through the thickness of his curls.
- Wilfred Owen, Arms and the Boy

Wed 31 Aug - Sat 3 Sep 8pm & Sat 3 Sep 3pm

Brockley fruit fetishist Lewis Barfoot is performing a one-woman show about the pomegranate at Jackson's Lane, Highgate:

Produced in association with Jacksons Lane The History of the Pomegranate explores the universal richness of being female, fecund and fat with life.

From the turmoil of Persephone to the temptations of Eve, discover whether it’s possible that a single fruit can transcend each religion, conquer every continent and even boost your sperm count!

Lewis Barfoot uses a unique blend of humour, song and physical storytelling to unearth the mystery and magic behind this revered mythical fruit.

Tickets £10 / £8 and include a free glass of pomegranate juice for everyone!

Come for the fruit, stay for the juice.