Council plans new parking restrictions across the borough

'The Oracle' has tipped us off that Lewisham Council is seeking to introduce new parking restrictions on a number of roads across the area. The restrictions would mean that no waiting (parking) would be allowed at specific points, including:

- Amyruth Road both sides within 10m of junction Chudleigh Road;
- Chudleigh Road northwest side within 10m of junction Amyruth Road;
- Chudleigh Road northwest side within 32m northeast of junction Arthurdon Road;
- Chudleigh Road northwest side within 10m of junction Francemary Road;
- Geoffrey Road north side within 10m west and 6m east of junction Manor Avenue;
- Manor Avenue both sides within 15m of junction Geoffrey Road, measured on west side;
- Vesta Road north side within 10m of junction Barriedale;

Documents giving more detailed particulars of the order and measures can be inspected during normal office hours on Mondays to Fridays at the office of Lewisham Transport Policy & Development, Wearside Service Centre, Wearside Road, Ladywell, London, SE13 (tel. 020-8314 2265).

Parking restrictions are of course necessary in many cases and we can't comment on the desirability of some of these proposals, but as a nearby resident we do know the junction of Geoffrey Road and Manor Avenue that will be affected and we don't understand what problem this is attempting to solve.

There are width restrictions on Geoffrey Road but parking doesn't prevent cars getting through. Manor Avenue's main problem seems to be a lack of parking space, so we're not sure that losing 15m of parking is a good idea.

If you live nearby the sites included on the list - what do you think of these plans?