Cllr Johnson opposes Avalon House conversion

Green Councillors Darren Johnson has written to the Lewisham Planning Service to oppose the application to convert Avalon House from a care home to a hostel. His letter says:

I am writing to echo the concerns of many local residents in my ward who have contacted me to express objections about the above application for a change of use.
While it is vital that there is adequate provision of hostel accommodation for homeless people, there are legitimate concerns about an overconcentration of such establishments in the Manor Avenue area. Residents are rightly concerned that change of use from a care home to a hostel would increase the transitory nature of what is a residential area. With the previous care home the residents there were an established part of the community. However, temporary hostel accommodation of the type proposed would cater for a transient population and could have a detrimental impact on an area where there are already a significant number of similar
I fully accept that as a borough we need to ensure sufficient hostel accommodation for those who need it. Indeed, in my role as a ward councillor I have been closely involved in the work of one Brockley hostel and know the invaluable work it does in providing temporary accommodation and support for young single homeless women.
However, I am also aware that a balance needs to be struck between different types of accommodation if we are to have stable and secure communities. A further hostel in an area that already has a significant number would undermine that balance and would not be in the interests of the local community.
I therefore urge that the application be refused.