The Deptford Project masterplan

The Deptford Project from Deptford High Street
Reverse angle: The courtyard
Developers Cathedral Group have submitted their plans for a major development parallel to Deptford High Street and adjacent to Deptford Station, on land next to the Deptford Project cafe. The mixed use development is itself called the Deptford Project and has been masterplanned by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners to include homes, shops and workshops.

The logic is obvious - Deptford's one stop from London Bridge, with a busy and potentially stunning high street (with shades of Shepherd Market, Exmouth Market and Portobello) and a buzzy cultural scene but relatively little high quality housing to cater for potential commuters.

The land is derelict, sitting right on top of a station that is being modernised and next to an interesting but neglected piece of London's industrial heritage.

This development would provide more than a hundred new flats and restore the ramp, while more of the railway arches would accommodate workshops and the space behind the high street would become a busy courtyard.

It does involve a relatively tall building that will undeniably be fairly prominent from many angles in Deptford. Some will find that inherently objectionable, but an interesting building peeping out from behind shops and houses in the middle of town should be fun. For those who live next door to it along Octavius Street and Rochdale Way however, there will be understandable concerns about light and parking.

Thanks to Crossfields and Deptford Dame for the story.