Friends of Frendsbury Gardens

Tom, from Frendsbury Gardens writes:

We're having our 1st AGM on 16th August from 6.30-8pm at the Broca Cafe, Coulgate Street.
We'd love to see some new faces either as potential committee members, volunteers or just people who want to know more about this fantastic community garden.

We're bounded by Frendsbury Road in the East, Pincott Place in the West, Honor Oak Estate in the South and the Crofton Park-Nunhead trainline in the North.

On the first Saturday of every month we hold a 'Bug Club' for young children and their parents to learn about wildlife. Earlier in the year we got funding to get a large Porta-cabin to store our tools in and have a small classroom. Our current priority is getting the toilet in the cabin connected to the mains but that's a long story. We have a large crop of fruits and vegetables most of the summer. Passers by are welcome to pick any food they find. We're not precious.

Even if they can't commit long term we always need help with weeding and deadheading so if people could spare a few minutes as they are walking by that would be great.

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