Jamaica Jumble [UPDATED]

Our wife's donating books to underpriviledged children in the Caribbean. Jamaica? No, she's doing it of her own accord.

The Jamaica Jumble to raise funds to send books to children in Jamaica takes place this Saturday, from noon-5pm at 38 Breakspears Road.

As well as the jumble itself, there will be food, drink and reggae. Organiser Venice says:

There is a desperate shortage of children's books in Jamaica. Many schools do not have any picture books at all and the books that are on sale locally are often poor quality and expensive.
There are so many children's books given away to charity shops here in the UK that we have decided to get our own collection together and send them to schools and other community groups in Jamaica.
We are having a jumble sale to raise money for the shipping and are asking people to bring children's books to the sale. We are selling good quality jumble – second hand clothes for women, men and children as well as toys, books, ornaments, kitchen stuff and handmade crafts. There will also be Jamaican food and drink for sale and we'll be putting on the reggae and having a fun day. Hope to see you there!
Do you have any old books you could donate? We are collecting good quality picture and chapter books for children aged 0-16.

With thanks to Julene for the story.