Come the Revolution, New Cross Road

As discussed on South East Central and reported on Transpontine, Lewisham's People Before Profit Party are opening a cafe on the New Cross / Deptford borders, opposite the Royal Albert. Transpontine says:

The poster on the door advertising for staff suggests that it will offer a 'new social space, tea room, meeting room, shake bar, coffee bar, wifi, snacks'.

They get bonus points for the name "Come the Revolution" and the fine purple wrapping, although how much sharing the premises with Housemartin's estate agents ("Focusing on high speed bridging loans makes bidding and buying on the same day possible allowing you to immediately take advantage of a purchase opportunity") will be a mood killer remains to be seen.

In addition to sending us a copy of the menu, which promises cream teas and a gelateria Ray Woolford, the man behind the project, writes:

I hope you will all come and support Come the Revolution. Yes I am an Estate Agent, but i have spent my entire life as a Community activist. With every campaign, we have always come across the same problem; lack of cash. Hence Housemartins was set up to raise cash for community projects, because I believe businesses can be run for people not profit.

So what is Come the Revolution? It is a place were we pay staff £30 for 5 hour shift, plus 10% discount, plus free meal, plus percentage of turn over, something no other green cafe. All our products are organic or fair trade or both. We are also offering a real Hot meal every day for just £2 because we understand every one is finding it tough. We are also offering organic burgers with oven chips, salad and drink for £5 to get kids away from junk food. There will be gallery space and free campaign office space to local groups.

Lewisham People Before Profit, is about empowering people from all sectors of our community, it deserves support, will really make a difference, and show that you can run a viable business run for people, not shareholders.

If you are interested in applying for a job, contact Ray here.