Radical bookshop planned for New Cross

BCers always say they'd love a local bookshop. Well now you're going to get one... Book Bloc promises to open London's first radical bookshop in 20 years in New Cross. Here's what they say:

Book Bloc is South London’s youngest radical bookshop. Originally conceived in the seditious underbelly of Milan, We Have our own Concept of Time and Motion will host the first manifestation of this new and novel bookseller. Writer-led, Book Bloc embraces the much vaunted end of print, the rise in book piracy and the explosion in self-publishing as a catalyst for new forms of publishing and bookselling. Book Bloc will run events as a cornerstone of its approach, providing a platform for, and criticism of the most pressing issues, movements, writers and thinkers from around the world.

A workers co-operative, Book Bloc will be the first radical bookshop to open in London for 20 years. It will exist to provide material from the struggles of the past to aid those of the present, to disseminate the best of contemporary thought forged in the fire of events which have only just begun. Book Bloc will disappear at the end of this four day event, waiting to appear again where you least expect it.

Only Joking. It will be in New Cross. Sometime soon.

The location's not confirmed yet, but Transpontine says:

They are currently finalising negotiations with Goldsmiths for the use of a shop front owned by the college in New Cross Road - I believe on the corner of Laurie Grove opposite the New Cross House (same row as Cafe Crema and Prangsta).

With thanks to Oli for the story.