Convoys Wharf developers submit revised planning application

The owners of Convoys Wharf in Deptford have submitted the latest revisions to their planning application for a huge masterplan that will create thousands of new homes, hundreds of new jobs, a primary school and a new district for South East London.

The development project has as a long and frustrating history and the land that it sits on has a glorious history that local groups have been campaigning to have recognised. The result of this process has been that past revisions have dropped the inclusion of a commercial boat yard and shrunk the office and leisure provision, but added a hotel and provision for working wharf and a jetty. Plans have been developed to make a feature of the architecturally important Olympia Warehouse, which will be retained and renovated as an events space.

Today's submission addresses issues such as the development parceling (since the development will take a decade and will occur in phases), the height and massing of the tall buildings (there will be three towers on the site), access, parking and transport provision.

We'll be wading through this and bringing you reaction in the coming days.

You can see the planning documents in their entirety here and a useful summary of the plans and background here.