The Greenwich Comedy Festival 2011

The Greenwich Comedy Festival takes place at the Royal Naval College, September 5th - 11th.

This year's line-up includes Tim Minchin, Adam Buxton and Holly Walsh.


Danja said...

Minchin was sold out last week.

Brockley Nick said...

Alright then, Kevin Eldon is good.

TM said...

I saw Minchin at the Comedy Prom.

He was OK but I couldn't get away from the thought that Bill Bailey would have done a better job.

Danja said...

Yebbut I wanted to see Minchin. Boo hoo.

Brockley Ben said...

@TM I was at the Comedy Prom too. Was very good. But he was better when he was on his own (also at the Albert Hall) earlier in the year.

TM said...

I can't imagine more Minchin making it better.

I thought the BBC 3 puppets were the best bit but then each to their own.

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