Songs for whoever comes up with the best ideas

Amy is trying to create some songs in the key of BC. She explains:

I'm a resident of Brockley, also a student of Goldsmiths. I'm currently doing a music collaboration project with Kat Drake, a local musician - on crowdsourcing stories, themes, inspirations from the public to write new songs. It is an experiment, but also a project to create songs which we could then give back to the community (through free downloads). The website is: and here's the video shot on Telegraph Hill:

Happy When She Sings from Happy When She Sings on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Has that bicycle fallen out of the tree?

Wendy said...

The Beautiful South doesn't get enough references, so thanks for the title

TM said...

I should point out that the video is not shot entirely on Telegraph Hill unless they have reopened the Croydon Canal (of Brockley Barge fame) whilst I wasn't looking.

Anyone know the canal in the vid it looks quite pleasant?

Vesta Curry said...

Looks like the Union Canal in Camden/Islington to me ... anyone agree? ... ahh, fond drug-blitzed memories from the 1990s, living on a narrowboat between Camden Lock and the Islington Tunnel ...

Kat Drake said...

It is indeed the Canal that runs through Hackney and Islington - the bits near London Fields and Victoria Park... maybe next time we could do it on the Quaggy!

notlookingatthecanal said...

Well that was 4 minutes of ear and eye candy! :-P

MalB said...

OK. My policy for comments is only to make factual ones - I really didn't want to get involved in any of the arguments which seem to go on website for ever and not resolve themselves.

This posting breaks that rule, because I was thinking about songs, how this theme contrasts with those other recent ones, boats and canals and why a north London canal intrudes into Telegraph Hill park, and the following sort of came into my head over lunch.

With apologies to Tony Hatch, Les Reed and everybody else who reads what follows:

When the evening is fine you know it's the time,
For messin' about in South London.
There are looters and shooters and blokes with big hooters,
All messin' about in South London.
There are streets you can't walk through all hidden from view,
And muggers and robbers just waiting for you;
And the prospects are dire, so they set shops on fire,
When messin' about in South London.

And after the gore, there's blogging and more,
On the webs that they have in South London.
Analysis long, at where they went wrong:
In trying to govern South London
It's up with the workers for George, you-know-who
And down with the yobbos, for less liberal Lou.
The debate's just as long as the riots were wrong
On the webs that they have in South London.

But forget the bad will, see Telegraph Hill,
When messin' around in South London
With the wind in your face, there's no finer place
To look at the views of all London.
Though Kate found her canal in the wrong sort of place
We need cheering songs with that sort of grace
And more pretty girls on Lewisham's hills
Who should sing us more songs about London.

Brockley Dogging Society said...

Could you change "Robbers" to "Doggers"?

And Kat, could you write a song about dogging for us?

MalB said...

Can I join with all the Anons and say "give it a rest BDS"? I wish I hadn't posted it now. I knew I should have stuck to my previous policy - to which I shall now revert. Sorry to get involved.

Brockley Nick said...

Given Kat's style, how about a song inspired by the guy who's intent on blowing the world's biggest bubbles, who practices on Hilly Fields?

Brockley Nick said...

Or one inspired by the art installation formerly known as the ode to steak and kidney pudding.

Amy said...

Hi MalB, could I ask that you post your lyrics here: It's a great reaction (and inspiration!) to the song.

qbf said...

Good effort MalB - I think I know the tune for that one.

MalB said...


Done.... except that the first time I tried - cutting and pasting from here, it came out as a mess with no line breaks. So it is posted twice ... which spoils the effect a bit. If you have an editor for the website, maybe they can tidy the first version up and delete the second.

By the by, I notice I called Kat, "Kate" in the version posted here. Sorry about that Kate.

To change to Ogden Nash mode:

By dint of bad fate
I called Kat, Kate
It would have been passe
To call her Kathy.

Tamsin said...

Only if you've got a lithp - but I like it.

Worth reminding people of the link - it's Kat who was the moving force behind Common Growth in Sandbourne Road and the lady in that video too

Amy said...

Thanks MalB, it's done.

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