Sound Tracks Festival, 17th September

Oh East London Line, is there anything you can't do? Two east London music promoters have created the Sound Tracks Festival that will play across Cafe Oto in Dalston; Concrete in Shoreditch and the Amersham Arms in New Cross, linked by the East London Line, with live music played on the connecting trains.

Headline acts include abstract dance music innovator Fantastic Mr. Fox, rhythmic jazz quartet Shabaka & The Sons of Kemet, and energetic garage punk frontwoman Marina Gasolina, formerly of Baile Funk band Bonde do Role, who will be playing in New Cross. The promoters have secured the permission of TfL to bring the gigs in to the carriages and the New Cross Inn will also be supporting.

Promoter Amanda Lwin explains:

My colleague Carolina is based in Hoxton and I live in Dalston. Deptford and New Cross have a lively cultural scene but people perceive Dalston and New Cross to be worlds away - when in fact they're only 22 mins on the East London Line. Part of the reason of putting on the festival is to connect these places and communities.

For project management reasons, the acoustic sessions on the East London Line will run from New Cross to Dalston Junction, and from Surrey Quays to Dalston Junction (for trains heading up from West Croydon / Crystal Palace). This is the first year we've done this (and the first time that TfL / LOROL have put on something like this) so we need to make it as manageable as possible. We're not allowed to say exactly what time specific acts will be performing, to avoid overcrowding.

This year was about creating something interesting and manageable - but we have a million ideas of how to grow the festival in future. We'd love to expand its reach other places on the Overground network in the coming years.


TM said...

I thought the East London Line had shut and been replaced by The London Overground?

Or a meringue ;o)

mb said...

The Ginger Line

Matt-Z said...

Who actually calls it the Ginger Line though - apart from people plugging their events?

It's like people on here referring to 'Brockers' which I've never heard said out loud, and never want to.

On the matter of music, it looks good, I hope to catch some. The New Cross Inn's recent coat of paint has brightened it up no end, and they've always supported good live music. glad the Amersham is still at it too, does anyone know if has been sold yet?

MalB said...

TM ... we've already had this debate. The East London Line is now part of the The London Overground which is part of TfL. The East London Line of the London Underground has been shut but not the line itself. The line is just as open as it was before, and indeed, with minor variations, much as it was when it was Liverpool Street to East Croydon.

Nice to see people using the new destinations for new ideas, though. We need a bit more bonding between areas: we are all Londoners with, as recent days have proved, common problems.

Crofton Cath said...

I love this and will definitely be going. ELL has been great for my social life if not my commute.

mintness said...

Aye, it's no different to the way I'll sometimes refer to the East Coast Main Line when talking about going home to Newcastle. The fact that trains from London to Newcastle, Edinburgh and beyond have had three operating companies in the last five years doesn't change the name of the line they all use(d) or the accuracy of referring to it as such.

Lou Baker said...

They're going to play on the trains?

Forcing innocent, non suspecting commuters to listen to their "music".


Please tell us when it is so I can do something less painful - like jump in front of it.

Brockley Nick said...

OK Lou, it will be the 7pm north bound train from New Cross. You know what you have to do.

Matt-Z said...

Does anyone know which of the benches on platform 1 at New Cross Gate offers the best view?

TM said...

There isn't a Platform 1 at New Cross. Platform 1 is at New Cross Gate.

The platforms at New Cross are denoted A to D.

Not a lot of people know that.

MalB said...

Rather off-topic, but there is a good historical reason for the New Cross platforms being labelled A-E. It occurred when Southern Railways took over the old SER & LB&SC railways at grouping. They found themselves with two stations both called, at that time, New Cross. In order to remove some of the confusion for passengers as to which platform at "New Cross" from they should travel, SR renumbered the New Cross platforms with letters. It was only subsequently that New Cross (LB&SC platforms) were renamed New Cross Gate. However as people had by then got used to the A-E lettering at New Cross (SEC platforms), they did not alter them back.

The same thing happened at the two sections of Waterloo Station (now called Waterloo East and Waterloo) where the Waterloo East platforms are lettered rather than numbered.

I am not aware of anywhere else where this occurred. Be interested to know if there are any other lettered platforms in the UK.

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