Wild hops

Here's a Brockley grow-your-own initiative that even the biggest Clarkson fan couldn't take issue with. Here's a clutch of wild hops growing next to The Talbot.

With thanks to Richard.


Dan said...

Better processed!

TM said...

These have been growing there for many years and precede the existing owners by a long time.

Incidently you don't make beer with hops merely flavour it.

Beer is made from the same ingredients as bread; water yeast and grain.

Moira said...

A friend and I have picked loads of fruit locally these last few weeks and made some delicious jams, chutneys & jellies which will be on sale at Tea Dance For Little People's event this Saturday 11-2pm.

Anonymous said...

Can you get alcoholic bread then? Hmm, Dragon's Den here i come.

TM said...

Not really; the yeast is used to make CO2 in bread and alcohol in beer.....or something like that

Deptford Pudding said...

I've hops growing around my front door instead of ivy.

Anonymous said...

'Wild Hops?', not so sure.

There are persistent reports of a 'wild man of the sidings' (some call him 'The Hermit') going back for years.

He is said to inhabit the little used High level line which runs behind the Talbot.

He's also said to propogate plants all along the siding from cuttings taken from adjoining gardens, using them as both foodstuff and shelter.

Anonymous said...

Kentish hops grow all over Brockley. I have tons in my garden. Keep wondering whether I should produce a Brockley Brew, but doubt it's worth the effort.

Brockley Jon said...

anon @ 17.39, cool story, care to discuss on the Secret History of Brockley thread on the forum? :)

neanderthal d said...

The word is this, and this is the word:

I have it on good authority that The Talbot is going to be in CAMRA's Good Beer Guide 2012.

Congratulations to the bar staff at the Talbot. Many good ales well kept, enjoyed over the last couple of years.

NAT said...

Add to that ND. A great varied pub (even if the ale quality has fallen off in the last few months) Its a hearty place with hearty staff. Can't ask for better. Food improves by the month. Thanks Peter and Andy. Go on Peter, be brave try a 'proper goulash' on us, go on. go on.

neanderthal d said...



The kitchen staff are sound too.

The food i ate on BBQ Sundays was excellent.

I hope BBQs are on the menu next Summer.

The staff at the Talbot make the place a damn decent pub.

TM said...

Leafing through the Good Beer Guide - bought the last copy from Waterstone's on Piccadilly - The Talbot features on page 290 and is the only pub listed in SE4.

Despite Weatherspoon's being great Camra favourites, the Barge doesn't make it in.

No local Antic or revamped New Cross pubs either....

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