The Allotment New Cross - coming soon

We don't know anything about this one, other than what someone has posted on the site, which is that the New Cross House team have this picture of a new shop opening next door to them. 

The window display says it will be called The Allotment and will sell fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, cheese, flowers and more.

More soon.


mikey said...

i *think* i know who's behind this - the 'mum' of ruby the excellent english bull terrier who gets walked in hilly fields. she's been working on getting the property for ages and it's nice to see it finally coming together.

Matt-Z said...

Which shop is it, next to the pub on the same terrace, or the old Cookers Corner squat on the other side of Laurie Grove?

NXG_Resident said...

It looks like the decorators were busy at the weekend as the outside of the shop has had a fresh lick of paint. It's now green!

Anonymous said...

Only a few weeks to go...please follow on Twitter for more info and updates : )

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