The SE Collective at the Amersham Arms

The SE Collective is a new supergroup of eleven local musicians who will be hosting regular live music sessions at the Amersham Arms, starting September 6th. Ahead of the opening night, this is what Patrick, Alam, Pete and Rory from the polyphonic SE told us about it:

The collective are all based in south east London and we came together through a common desire for somewhere local to perform original music and to help each other in promoting it to people in our area.

We are all professional musicians that work together in a broad range of musical settings including Friendly Fires, Jamie Cullum, samba group Rhythms of the city, Red Snapper, Polar Bear and many more. We all share a background in jazz, but draw on all of our experiences and influences in our original music.

In terms of our plans for the future, it’s obviously days, so our main focus is to make this night a success. We would like to help more musicians promote their own original music as well as getting people in the broader community involved. 

We are also aiming to feature musicians from the wider community, across the UK and from overseas and opening the collective up to new members.

The Amersham Arms have really encouraged us and their commitment to alternative music is one of the great things about living in this area.

We welcome anyone to come down, enjoy some food and have a drink. Expect challenging original music in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

You can follow them on twitter here.


TM said...

I noted September's gigs listed in Jazz in London.

Nice to see some Jazz in the area shame it clashes with the Talbot Quiz.

Still I have been know to miss the quiz from time to time usually when my team wins.

Am I missing something?

Best wishes to SE Collective anyway.

Mb said...

So what's the latest on this place? I'd heard the owners were looking to unload it? I quite like it even if the staff are a little erm... distacted.

quick brown fox said...

It was sold a while back, Mb.

KW said...

Popped by for tonight's gig - it seems great. Not sure exactly how the collective works, but the line-ups exhibit the highest calibre of players on the London jazz network. Venue seemed appropriate - shame the turnout wasn't quite as large as I'd hoped for something of its quality, but the atmosphere was positive. In the long-run, it'd be great if they could invest in a decent piano, though.

Anyway - definitely recommended. It's great to see cutting-edge jazz in the area.

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