El's Kitchen comes second in national deli playoffs

Congratulations to El's Kitchen, which came runner-up overall in the Deli of the Year award, having won the London heat.

El is interviewed in today's Times, which says:

Eleanor Thomson did because she longed for a local deli that she could shop at herself and thought her neighbours would too. Each evening during her years as a City high-flyer, Thomson would alight from her commuter train at Ladywell in southeast London, survey the familiar row of high street shops and sigh. “It was such a food desert,” she says, “I’d lived here for 20 years and kept expecting someone to see the obvious and open a really good deli. Eventually I got bored waiting and decided I’d have to do it myself.”

El is not resting on her laurels and is continuing to expand the range on offer at El's, but congratulations to the team for how far they've already come.