Lewisham Arthouse Open Studios

Lewisham Arthouse
Annual Open Studios                                                           
Friday 30th September 6-9pm
Sat 1st & Sun 2nd October 12-6pm

Cara Barry, Richard Buckle, Barry Cunningham, Ali Day, Mary Louise Evans, Val Fox, Amanda Francis, Pascal  Furminieux, Anita Gwynn, Charles Hayward, Pat Hextall, Terence Humphrey, Janet Hyde, Julia Mcneal, Nina Necak, Janine Nelson, Mark Nelson, Stephen Palmer, Rosey Prince, Ben Parry, Toby Rye, Joyce Saunders-Diop, Fiona Smithers, Heather Steed, Irene Stewart, Shirley Stewart, Derval Tubridy, Alexandra Valy, Benjamin Varney, Sara Willett, Alma Tishler Wood and Peter Wright.

Have a peek around 30 artists/makers studios and explore 3 floors of beautiful Edwardian building.

On the first floor Sara Willett will immerse you in an opulent halucigenic fantasy inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s Ligeia. In the bowels of the building Charles Hayward’s projects an archive of sound recordings collected during the midnight hour these ‘silences’ refill an empty space with traces, ghosts. In our gallery artists Zoë Walker and Neil Bromwich present ‘Dancing Borders’ a film work documenting a live event using dance, marching and pollination to transform the psychology of the much besieged border town of Berwick –Upon-Tweed. The film is accompanied by ‘Siege Weapons of Love’; a series of inflatable sculptures, which transform symbols of war into Flower Power.