Crofton Park harvest festival, October 1st

The Brockley Community Church is organising a harvest festival. They say:

Come and join our modern, urban harvest festival, celebrating the fruits of our 'Seeds Project' running since the spring.

4-7pm Saturday 1 October, Crofton Park Baptist Church hall.

There will be food and dancing, as well as displays of skills and talents learnt over the last months.
For more information visit


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, I remember Harvest festival from school, and me demanding that mother buy tins of ravioli to contribute.

kolp said...

This Church has a very well put together website

Brockley Nick said...

A divine creator was at work.

kolp said...

Nick you're like "God-botherer- botherer" cool and so witty!

Matt-Z said...

This is a turnip for the books.

patrick1971 said...

That church also produces a very informative little local newsletter about once a quarter, funded by local businesses advertising in it.

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