Pat-a-cakes, Crofton Park

Pat-a-cakes is a new cake shop opening at 358 Brockley Road, in what used to be the old Gas Shop, opposite the Co-op next to Crofton Park Station. Owner Stacie Maile is aiming to open in the first week of  November and tells us about her plans:

"We are going to be selling cakes, cookies, brownies (all things sweet) as well as savoury snacks such as savoury muffins and scones, cream teas, coffees, teas and fresh juices. It will be vintage, kitsch, a bit mis-match, welcoming and friendly.  We have a section which we will be selling cake goods for all the baking enthusiasts, as I know there's not a shop in the area which sells things I generally need, and I know my friends have had the same problem.  On the walls we will be selling local art, so this will act as a gallery space for all the local creatives.

Stacie Maile, Founder of Pat-a-cakes

"I live near Hilly Fields and I love it, it's just perfect in every way as far as I'm concerned.  It's up and coming, there are lots of hidden gems and I love the people.  All-in-all, I think Pat-a-Cakes would do well here.

"I used to run a stall at Brick Lane market selling cupcakes and I have a website which I have been selling cakes from for weddings, parties and other events.  This has been up and running for approximately a year and a half.

"I started baking bits and bobs, then started to specialise in cupcakes, I made them for Brick Lane and they were so popular that I just continued with iy.  I have always wanted a shop and have been quite sure on the look I wanted so it kind of just went from there, then the shop became available and it was too good not to take.

"I'm hoping it will appeal to everyone from young trendy creative types, to yummy mummies meeting up for coffees, to the older ladies and gents meeting up for their mid morning catch up over a cream tea.

"I hope that everyone will pop in to Pat-a-Cakes for a cake or coffee at some point, it'll be a place to relax and we hope it has a really welcoming atmosphere once we're all finished.  Also, it'll be great for commuters travelling from Crofton Park Station looking to get a decent cup of coffee to take away on their travels.

"We've only started the refurb over the weekend but already have had loads of amazing feedback from people who live nearby so are sure that it is going to be a positive move."